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About the Founder

Alexander J. Sitkiewicz, Senior partner

Prior to starting his consulting practice for US - Polish projects in 1991, he had 8 years of experience in international trade . Born in Gdansk, Poland, he holds an MBA and law degree from the University of Gdansk in Poland. Fluent in English and Polish, he is a member of Washington State Court Interpreters and Translation Society.

Professional Experience

bullet1.gif (923 bytes)Assistant to General Counsel: brokerage and shipping company.
bullet1.gif (923 bytes)Familiar with international coal industry and trade.
bullet1.gif (923 bytes)Domestic and foreign business travel including trade negotiations.
bullet1.gif (923 bytes)Familiar with custom regulations and tariffs ( Poland and U.S. ).
bullet1.gif (923 bytes)Export / Import logistics and management.
bullet1.gif (923 bytes)Export plans, market research and country profiles.
bullet1.gif (923 bytes)Author of Polish Adoption Research Guide: The leading book on adopting from Poland.
bullet1.gif (923 bytes)Versed in Polish private law, US domestic, and immigration law regarding international adoption, Polish banking, administrative, Maritime and business law.
bullet1.gif (923 bytes)Handled litigation for the brokerage and shipping company - contracts, transactions

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