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Full Adoption Program


Fee Schedule

Application Fee $1,150.00 (paid in advance to PBC)
Home Study (paid to home study provider of your choice)
Processing Fee (some agencies charge this fee, some not)
Document Translation $950.00
Misc. Polish Adoption Fee
(long distance calls, faxes, correspondence)
$1,500.00 (paid after the domestic process has been completed)
Polish Business Consultants Fee $4,900.00 (paid after the adoption decree has been issued)
Payments in Poland $8,500.00 (including legal, personal representation, translator, assistance on the interviews, any other assistance necessary to accomplish the Polish part of the adoption process,paid after the decree has been issued)
Court, Passport, and other misc. fees $400.00 (paid in Poland)
Post - Placement Fee (paid to post placement agency of your choice)
  • Approximate Cost $17,400 excluding; home study, emigration, post-placement and travel expenses
  • All adoption fees are payable to Polish Business Consultants Group except:   home study( including INS processing fee/ current is $405.00/, fingerprinting fee.etc) and post-placement fees.  All fees are subject to change without notice.   Application, home study, document translation, processing and misc. fees are not refundable.  Payments in Poland are paid in Poland. This program can not be purchase by using credit cards, unless telephone or in person arrangements have been made .

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