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Order/Shipping Policy

The full adoption program is not available on-line. Please contact us because the availability is limited.
We offer 10% discount on any material and services paid by the personal checks, money order, cashier checks or electronic transfer.
We sell information, information even copyright protected can be copied and distributed at will, therefore we can not offer refund on any of our products.

All prepaid orders are shipped in 24 hours.

Method of Payments

Domestic: Personal check, money order payable to Polish Business Consultants, or Electronic money transfers to:

Wells Fargo Bank Routing # 121000248
account # 0204 - 419055
Polish Business Consultants Group
11838 22nd Ave, SW
Burien, WA. 98146USA

International: international draft such a bankers check, cashiers check, international money order.

All drafts should be in US dollars.

If the fee is not posted on the website please contact us.

Credit Cards

We accept the following credit cards using the secure transaction services of  ccnow_button.gif (1461 bytes) .

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Products Available for Purchase On-line


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Polish Adoption Resource Guide PARG 195.00 Purchase Now
Consulting Package - 1 CP # 1 45.00 Purchase Now
Consulting Package - 2 CP # 2 85.00 Purchase Now
Adoption Literature Set -1 ALS # 1 7.50 Purchase Now
Adoption Literature Set -2 ALS # 2 7.50 Purchase Now
Adoption Literature Set -3 ALS # 3 10.50 Purchase Now
Adoption Literature Set -4 ALS # 4 7.50 Purchase Now
Adoption Literature Set -5 ALS # 5 7.50 Purchase Now
Adoption Literature Set -6 ALS # 6 55.00 Purchase Now
Limited Adoption Package LAP 985.00 Purchase Now

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