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From: Joe Golden

Sent: Thursday, April 09, ~ 998 1 1:39 AM

To: 'SMTP:alexs@isomedia.com'

Cc: 'Joan Kane'

Subject: long overdue letter

Dear Alex.

I just wanted to send you a note thanking you for all your efforts in behalf of our adoption of Mary Sophia. Ours was not the easiest process - laws and procedures changing on BOTH sides of the Atlantic made our wait longer than anticipated - but we were amply rewarded by the opportunity to bring this child into our lives. I also appreciate the fact that even though things became more complicated as a result of changing U.S. and Polish requirements, your fees remained constant. Prospective parents are lucky to have someone as honest as yourself as an advocate while undergoing this sometimes confusing process. It appears that the procedures have solidified, and I'm glad that future couples will have shorter waiting periods - but they will still be in very good hands with you, Alec.


I also wanted to let you know what a great experience it was for my wife and I to spend two months in Gdansk. Of course, at the time we wanted to return home as soon as our daughter was in our care. The extra weeks in Poland allowed us to spend all our time {no work or personal commitments) forming a strong bond with our daughter so that when we did leave, she completely trusted us and wanted to be wherever we were.

We have been home for nearly six months now and continue to marvel at the joy and richness Mary Sophie continues to bring to our life together. So much so that someday soon we may call you again to seek a sibling for our daughter!

All our best,

Joan Kane & Joe Golden

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