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Translation Services

Since November 1997 we will offer a variety of translating and notarization services. All translating services will be conducted by qualified Polish translators or translated in Poland.  The translation can be notarized in Poland if necessary, so that the translated documents comply with the requirements established by the Polish authorities. 

Price per page $18.00 and up depending on content.  Please contact us for rates and availability.

Adoption Translation Services

This translation service includes the following:

translation of relevant documents (up to 60 pages)*
notarization of home study by the Polish Consulate
includes return shipping costs

* average 50-60 pages

Price $745.00 and please note this service is offered as "first come first served".

Please remember that we deal only with Poland, we speak the language, we know the Polish business environment and culture. On top of that we are versed in polish legal system and structures.

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