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Import/Export Management Consulting Services

The company activities are limited to Poland and they focus on two areas: the international trade consulting and adoption of Polish minors, exclusively.  The company headquarter is located in Seattle, WA. USA. The company offers a variety of consulting services related to the international commerce such as; locating potential partners and/or clients in Poland, assistance in obtaining licenses and certifications in order to penetrate the Polish markets, personal representation, contract research and negotiation. For complete list of our services please visit our trade consulting section. The core advantage of Polish Business Consultants Group services is our extensive experience in dealing with the Polish business sector. Access is available to skilled professionals, legal, financial and marketing experts, allowing a quick and effective response to your needs.

The Polish Business Consultants Group , formerly RAY International was established in 1993. The objective of the company is to provide the best possible assistance to the clients in the USA and also worldwide in gaining access to the Polish markets.

Adoption Mission Statement

The Polish Business Consultants is a private , licensed by the State of Washington adoption agency, which provides services and guidance to couples and individuals interested in adopting a Polish child or children. We believe that the best service is provided when both the needs of the adopted child and the adopting family are met. We do not believe that the needs of the child and the family are mutually exclusive. To verify information please call The Department of Health and Social Services in Seattle.

We offer two adoption programs that include consulting services, the full adoption program and the limited adoption program. We also offer do-it-yourself adoption manual .   The last two are based on our exclusive manual the Polish Adoption Research Guide.

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Associated with the first two adoption programs we have added additional translating and notarization services.  Many of our customers have requested these services so please go to translating services.

For the latest full adoption program schedules and rates e-mail or call us.

Please remember that we deal only with Poland, we speak the language, we know the Polish business environment and culture. On top of that we are versed in polish legal system and structures.

Thank you for visiting our web side and we look forward to working together with you.

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